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And we saw the same attraction before in the other Spider-Man movies.Going back to 2001, when they started filming the first Spider-Man (2002), Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire have never admitted they were together.The Spider-Man director Sam Raimi shared some information saying that they broke up before the second movie, but that didn’t affect their attraction on screen for the next two movies.We can’t be so unsure about Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrate their third wedding anniversary: recap their years together so far "After we were done, I was like, ' Wow, America is so poor,'" she tells the magazine."Just the towns you come across — all that's there are restaurants and gas stations.She was just three years old when she worked as child fashion model in television commercials.When she was just 12 years old she debuted in the role of vampire Claudia in Interview with the Vampire (1994).

We already have three couples of actors who played the main characters in the Spider-Man franchise and they had a relationship at some point.

She has not married yet but that doesn't means that she is single.

Till now she has dated nearly a dozen of celebrities including actors, singers and models. They have successfully crossed four years of relationship.

, Kirsten Dunst admits that she and ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal don't exactly keep in touch. "But we're not good friends." Check out Hollywood's most memorable breakups The couple — who had shared an L. home and a dog named Atticus — split in 2004 after about two years together.

Now 28, Gyllenhaal has been in a relationship with Reese Witherspoon since early 2007. See stars and their soulmates in our slideshow The 27 year-old Dunst tells that she's single and living in New York City. "My girlfriends will sleep in bed with me, but no guests, not long-term, anyway." The actress, who describes her life as "totally regular," recently took an eye-opening cross-country road trip with a pal, visiting Graceland, New Orleans and the Grand Canyon.

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