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Mr Hutchings will bring enhanced impartiality and a keen eye to the work of the Initiative.

He will help strengthen the dispute resolution mechanism, to make it work even better for all players in the supply chain.

Promoting digital skills will help workers and businesses to adapt to new technologies.

The EU New Skills Agenda therefore has a digital focus and will help increase the productivity and competitiveness of Europe’s workforce.” Wholesale in Europe represents almost 2 million companies, EUR 6 trillion in turnover, and 10 million jobs.

The appointment of the Independent Chair comes together with an important revision of the SCI rules, and both represent a significant step forward in improving a platform, which advocates for a fairer supply chain and resolves disputes where they arise.

Since its launch in 2013, the SCI has attracted over 1,160 national operating companies, nearly 70% of which are SMEs, to sign up to the Principles of Good Practice and SCI commitments.

Today, at Euro Commerce’s annual SME Day, retail and wholesale entrepreneurs shared their experiences of doing business in a tough trading environment.

They showed how they were equipping themselves and their people to face and take advantage of the digital challenge.

Though not always visible to the general public, wholesale is a major job engine at the centre of Europe’s economy.They called on EU decision-makers to support them in taking advantage of the digital revolution; digital skills are in short supply in the whole economy, and smaller traders lack the time to find them, and the resources to build digital expertise.Speaking at the event, Kenneth Bengtsson, President of Euro Commerce, said: “SMEs need support at all levels, local, national and European, to grasp the new opportunities of offered by digital technologies and new consumer behaviour.Its Principles of Good Practice are increasingly gaining traction across the food supply chain, creating a strong basis for encouraging good practice and supporting operators to find solutions to problems when they arise.I am looking forward to contributing to this process, handling confidential complaints, and working with members of the SCI to issue guidance, recommendations of general interest and promote good practice.“ Mr Hutchings said today.

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With the right support, they stand ready to innovate and develop new services to serve their customers better.