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It really depends though, every woman is different and responds differently to different pumps.Some actually prefer hand expression and get more milk that way but most will do better with a double electric.But my supply was well established for my own baby and because I had a job that allowed me to bring my baby with me, I wasn’t pumping very much for her.I was more than willing to help my friend but I wasn’t sure how to get enough milk for two babies with my supply regulated for my one. Having a tendency to easily develop over-supply and then have issues with mastitis, I knew I needed to be careful with this process.By that point I was pumping enough milk in a day to completely supply another baby’s feeds and have some extra for back up. Skin-to-skin contact doesn’t just feel good and provide your baby with neurological stimulation that is beneficial for their development, it also tells your body to make milk. Going hands-free can help free up your mind to focus on something else and help you feel more productive or at least entertained in the process. It helps to be distracted but taking a little time with each pumping session to be hands on with some hand compressions at the breast (like a breast massage) can significantly increase your output and send the message to your breasts to make more milk. Supply increase is real and not draining the breast could lead to infection and mastitis is even worse than pumping so stop slowly.When I wanted to increase my supply again, I followed a similar pattern with extending my pumping times and adding a pumping session in the morning but it was adding an extra pumping session before bed that led to the morning pumping session to increase even more in just 3 days time. The volume isn’t the point and it will take some time before you see it so focus on why you’re doing it, remember that babies don’t actually eat that much, and every single drop counts. And if you can pump while they are feeding from the other breast, your body will be more willing to give up more milk. Not everyone is going to want to increase their supply to that amount for donate but every little bit helps.Here are some additional tips about your diet while breastfeeding.Once you have established your milk supply use a quality double electric pump like the Ameda Purely Yours.

By 3 weeks I had added 2 full and one half pumping sessions in my day and by a month I was pumping one breast and feeding off the other 3 feedings a day (the first one in the morning was always my highest output) and then pumping 3 full sessions in between feeding my baby. When it’s time, whatever the reason (and please respect your boundaries and stop when you need to), wean off slowly.

To get my supply up for those babies and to donate to a milk bank I started adding 10 minute pumping session to the end of my breastfeeding sessions.

Then I started pumping one breast while feeding off the other.

And most milk banks won’t accept milk from a mother on certain medications, including herbs used to boost supply.

If you are donating to a family directly, be sure to disclose if you used any herbs or medications to increase your supply so they can make an informed decision.

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